Thursday, July 23, 2009

Act III, Scenes 1 & 2

Scene 1: Mark returns from working all week (leaving the kids and I in IA) and not a moment too soon! After the kids went to sleep, we went out for the night to Spicoli's. We met up with my cousin Michael and sister Katie and ran into Kev, an old friend and co-worker from back in the day at CoOp Records. The Fat Tire was flowing and I did karaoke, some of which was caught on video, but I'm not sharing.

Scene 2: A serious storm blew in causing unbelievable damage to Waterloo and Cedar Falls, IA in the middle of the night. Mark was up giving Helena a bottle around 3:30 am when it started. He described the wind as more powerful than anything he's ever heard before and said it was frightening, shaking the whole house. There was hail, lightening, and thunder that was so loud, that you couldn't hear the trees being uprooted and tossed outside. In the morning everyone began to survey the damage, unable to believe our eyes. We are used to big thunderstorms in the mid-west, but have not seen anything like this. It looked like a tornado had blown through. There was surprisingly little damage to structures compared to the mass destruction of the trees. If a house or car was damaged, it was by a falling tree, not the wind or hail. Power lines were down everywhere and many were without power for days. Occasionally as they worked to turn it back on, the lines were catching fire. We are still waiting on word if it was possibly a macro or micro burst that caused the damage. Wind was clocked at over 60 mph before it broke the equipment at the airport, but a microburst puts it at over 100 mph. I'll attempt to embed a local news cast. If you can't see it, click here.

Below are the pictures that Mark and I shot. Unreal.

to be continued...

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