Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cool Auction

A really great family that I've become friends with are hosting an auction to raise funds for their international adoption of a little girl through the organization Reece's Rainbow. Lily has Down syndrome (just like their biological daughter Ruby). She will be a great addition to the family. International adoptions are really expensive but the benefits are tremendous. Children in orphanages in Eastern Europe with Ds or other special needs 'live' lives we wouldn't wish on an enemy and don't survive to be very old. If they do make it to 3-5 years of age, they are committed to a mental institution where they are basically left to die. Help my friends bring their little one home to her forever family by checking out the auction. There are some amazing items available for great prices. It closes on December 15th with the hope that most items will arrive by Christmas. Auction is HERE.