Thursday, May 1, 2008



This blog is dedicated to my loving family and serves as; a journal, baby book, family record, a way to connect with the world outside my doors and to keep up with loved ones, and is cheap therapy at times. It is not one-size-fits-all as posts are about a whole variety of topics. Not every post will appeal to you, but I hope you stick around. Leave a comment in the posts if you are so moved. I enjoy reading them.

I AM a wife, mother of 3, Momologist, and many other things. My son is an active young man with an amazing vocabulary and imagination. He absolutely loves MineCraft and happens to have Asperger's. My first daughter (middle child) is a hilarious and smart little girl who brings us all laughter and joy. She has Down syndrome and has become my teacher. My second daughter is a beautiful bundle of joy who thinks she's a big girl and wants to do everything that her older siblings do. The Hubs is a political science professor, also an Aspie, and the love of my life. Don't let his work fool you as he is anything but stuffy. He's brilliant, kind, funny, and a kid at heart.

I proudly served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA for over two years in my life before marriage and kids. The first year was in the Waterloo, IA school district (my hometown) and later in Washington D.C. Both programs worked in mentoring and literacy programs in K-12 schools.

One of my great passions has been working with families who have been effected by domestic violence. Beginning in high school I volunteered with a child abuse prevention organization and continued doing so through college. Just before our first daughter was born I worked for 5+ years at a domestic violence shelter.

I currently work part-time with a non-profit organization.  We assist families who have children receiving special education services and have an IEP.  Our mission is to promote inclusion by helping families who are having difficulties as well as training our future teachers. I dabble in wine tasting and dream of being a better photographer. Although I have my motorcycle license, I ride a white scooter with chrome and wear a sparkly pink helmet, which I love!  I am passionate about advocating and educating people about our disability community to change hearts and minds.

I consider myself truly blessed.