Saturday, June 5, 2010


We were exhausted from cleaning and packing all day, not to mention dirty. The girls had bed head from their naps. Despite our appearances we got out the double stroller - M.C.U. (mobile command unit) and headed out into the neighborhood.
Some how, without prior planning, we made it all the way to our favorite restaurant where the guacamole makes me happy, the chips are addicting, and the beer comes in a giant mug.

We sat outside under a giant umbrella and learned that Helena, (who takes after me), can put down a serious amount of chips and guac. I loved sitting at that round metal table. Every once in a while when I look at my children I am overcome with how amazing our little family is. In that moment the festive Mexican music set the mood as we all relaxed. Sweat dripped off our mugs as I drank in my beautiful family and rested my weary bones. Heaven.

I can't help it. I love this shot (above), but it needs a caption. Anyone?
Afterwards we made a detour to the custard shop and then headed to our park. The kids have always thought of it as our park because it is so close to our house. We're going to really miss it.

We headed home and ended the night with bubble baths. Sometimes the best family trips are 100% unplanned.


RK said...

Hey, I know those chips! And oh how I miss them.... so very much. And the guac too, of course...

Tina said...

Looks like a perfect family day...and I couldn't agree with you more, the unplanned usually turn out the best!

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