Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Drops of Joy

This has been an awesome morning thanks to my three boys. Over breakfast Alexander and I shared what we like about each other. I told him he is creative, has a great imagination, is kind, likes to learn, is fun, and he makes me proud every day. He told me he likes that I play with him especially when the girls are too busy, I make the food, help him carve his pumpkin and take him trick or treating, and I know how to get his favorite shows qued up on cable On Demand. If you ever need a warm fuzzy, I suggest you try this at home.

Then Mark serenaded me with an impromptu concert as he rapped "Same Song." That's Tupac before he got big and was in Digital Underground for those who don't know. Now THAT was a sure fire way to start my day right.
For some reason our fuzzy boy Fred the cat has insisted on crawling up and snuggling on my lap this morning. He hasn't done that in a while and I guess he just sensed that his mama would benefit from his sweet, furry, gentle love. He is so much better than a blanket on this chilly day.

Not to leave the girls out, I am so excited to share that Sophie is learning how to say "sister" which is awesome. Helena always greets me with a chorus of the sweetest "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" every time she sees me come in the door followed by a bear hug. Joy! I'm tucking that away for when she's 15 and just maybe will butt heads with her old mom.

Other things that make me smile are the fact that we were pretty much forced to buy new cell phones after mine bit the dust. We decided on early Christmas presents and each have an iPhone 3G. Yes, they are the old model but we were basically using tin cans and string before, so they are still very cool to us and because they are the older model they were CHEAP! My new joy is learning how to use this fandangled thing and finding fun free apps. Here are a few that I think are pretty cool. Anne Taintor (love these products) has a selection of free wallpapers for iPhones or iPods HERE. It's not an app, but is awesome all the same.
I also have been enjoying Pandora, a free personalized radio HERE that has already introduced me to new music, which I love!

Finally I have dowloaded an app I have yet to try out but am very excited about. It's a barcode scanner from ShopSavvy found HERE. You take a picture with your phone of the barcode and it checks the price of the item against other retailers locally and on-line.

People, I feel like the Jetsons and I'm loving it. If you have any favorite apps, please do share.

Finally, happy Veterans Day to the men and women who have or are currently serving in the military. From my family to yours we say THANK YOU!

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Becca said...

LOL - Aps? What are those? I'm no longer using a tin can with a string attached, but compared to the iPhone, it just might be...

And I LOVE Pandora!!! Listening to it now. :-)

What a beautiful day you're having!!!!