Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread love

Mark's mom, dad, and brother were just here for Christmas and his cousin Greg is staying with us for a while. Despite both a respitory and intestinal flu tearing through our family like a tornado, my quest for making Christmas as magical as I can for my children will go on. When stringing together words to express the immense joy we are in the midst of seems just too darn exhausting, I suppose I'll have to let pictures and video tell the tale of our happiness.

If you can't see the video below, refresh the page or click HERE (be patient as it is loading very slow tonight)


RK said...

FUN!! So so glad to hear you talk about "immense joy!" Love that you're having a beautiful season, no matter what illness tries to get ya. :o)

Anonymous said... didn't make the gingerbread pieces??? Come on super mom! LOL!!! JKJKJK!!! It looks like all is well in the house of Schrad! And way to make the house guest pitch in! Good job Greg. Have a wonderful Tuesday, I am sure it is filled with more holiday magic.
the prairie

Amy Flege said...

oh they all turned out so cute!!! we got a little village to do. hopefully tomorrow we can make them!