Saturday, May 28, 2011


With my new job in the city, I commute to work by train a couple of times a week. We live very close to the station, yet not quite close enough for me to walk, given my time constraints. I also have to lug my work with me, which makes riding my bicycle impossible as my bag is too heavy. I'm usually gone in the morning before most of the family is up. We had been making due with parking the car at the station, but this left Mark or the sitter with no vehicle for the whole day. On the mornings when I tried to get a ride, the kids were cranky about getting up early or I would go in later. We need a second mode of transportation and today we got one.

We had been researching scooters as an option for a couple of months. As we chose a Buddy with 125 cc's, we need a motorcycle permit (it has some giddy-up). Mark and I passed our tests on Friday at the DOT.

We will need to get a full motorcycle license before we can carry passengers and with our permits we are restricted to riding from sunrise to sunset. PA offers fantastic motorcycle courses for free and when you pass you get your license. I hope to take a class this summer.

The kids and I followed behind Mark on our trip back from the big city and we all made it back to the burbs safely.

Alexander joined in the fun by wearing his bike helmet but the kids won't be scooting around with us for a while.

We're smitten and I just found a new reason to let the chores go another day. Ciao bella!


RK said...

Oh girl, only you could rock that so well!! You are so hip with ur working self, balancing mom and home duties beautifully. My hero!!

hapi said...

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Valerie Strohl said...

Hi it's Valerie from Glee - Becky Needs Some Friends! Love your scooter and your helmet! Have always wanted one myself. Enjoy and be safe!

Sister Kate said...

How about just, "Scootie"?!