Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Dance

Helena used the toilet for the first time today!  We had not even started potty training but instead took our cues from her.  Of course we have been reading children's stories and talking about it, but that's all so far.  When she said she had to use the potty, we immediately took her to the big toilet.  We didn't use a little potty chair, or implement a 'potty train your kid in one day' program, or chart with stickers.

When I think about the year it took us to get Alexander to use the toilet and the millions of tactics we tried, I have to shake my head.

I know we have a long way to go and we still may end up with charts or something, but dang, what a momentous start and what a great model for Sophie.  I had planned to try and potty train them together.  I know it may be a long time for Sophie, but one should not underestimate the motivation of modeling siblings and peers.

Come on and do the Potty Dance!

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