Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frankenparty The Aftermath

What a wicked ride that was.  Late last night Mark and I briefly stood outside on the porch in awe of the movement of the wind through the trees.  We have no damage and no flooding in the basement.  The neighbors to the right have a few downed tree limbs and destroyed patio furniture.  The neighbors to the left have a piece of fence down.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

24 cropped 25 croppedOur generator is still en route and we have been out of power since about 11:30 EST last night.  Fortunately we have a gas stove, so heating meals and making coffee in a sauce pan is possible.  We are adding bagged ice to the fridge and so far that is working well.  I had frozen dozens of ziplock freezer bags full of water in the freezer, which is also helping.  We have coolers and ice.

It is a day of bundling up, playing games, napping, and little contact with the outside world.  We have a decorative gel fireplace (picture from Overstock.com below) which uses canisters, like what you heat food in chafing dishes.  In addition to the light, it gives off a nice amount of heat.  I haven’t seen the weather reports on tv, obviously.  Though we can charge our phones with the weather radio, we’ve kept the cell phone use to a bare minimum.

bb92e268-9733-445e-a16c-6fbc0193f0a2_320This evening we are spending time at the Kerstings for dinner, recharging batteries, hot showers, and baking cupcakes for Sophie’s Halloween party tomorrow, which is how I can post this update.  School is open tomorrow but there is no word yet on the power.  They will be happier at school anyway than in the chilly dim house.  Plus, Sandy hasn’t ruined Halloween, which would have been unforgiveable.26 watermarkedIt could have been worse, so we are grateful, but it will sure be nice to have the power back on.

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