Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For Sophie

The wound that never fully heals, sighs as

I dared to lay down its protective armor hoping

for a moment’s breath without the weight of it

when Ignorance launched a stealth attack.


I am just One but I am fierce. And I am weary.

Stinging, raw pain threatens to bring me down and yet forward.

You gaze at me with beauty, resting in the safety of my arms

which are too weak to protect you always.


As your accidental warrior thrust into the fight

you trust me to be your voice. Failure is not an option.

I’ll never stop. My hands shake with rage or despair

at the indignity of the battle that cares not if I need rest.


I speak out but it is your strength that feeds me.

You deserve nothing less than everything.

When I falter, legions rise to carry us through the task.

I am One but we are countless in our numbers.


No darkness can survive your light.

Every cell of you is love that you give away to all

blessed to cross your path.  Drawn to you,

we are forever altered from touching Grace.


The truth of your lessons cannot be denied.

We’ll win them over Baby, for your message is timeless.

I am your accidental warrior and you are my tiny teacher

changing the world with your gentle, forgiving embrace.


Kimberly said...

Beautiful Jen! Just beautiful....♥

JRS said...

Thank you Kim!