Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Wind

Mark’s paternal grandmother Margaret went to bed as usual on Friday, July 19th.  My birthday.  Sometime in the night she crossed over, warm in her bed.  Though she was 92 her passing took us all by surprise.  She had been doing so well.  It was exactly the way she wanted to pass.  She told us so.  Can you imagine, one moment here and the next – gone?  We should all have such a sweet sending off.

Our hearts and thoughts have been in Iowa since we got the news.  In an effort to celebrate life and recharge our batteries, we headed off for a day at the Shore.  Ocean City, NJ never disappoints. 

embedded video below or for the link, click HERE

In the coming weeks we will make the 18 hour drive to Iowa.  We will attend Mark’s 20th high school reunion, visit with family and friends, and then Alexander and Helena will stay in Iowa for a long visit when we return.  Sophie will enter an intensive feeding program at the children’s hospital from 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday for the entire month of August to train her to eat.  Sophie and either Mark or I will be at the hospital for the duration. 

We are in the midst of grief and apprehension, yet all we can do is move forward.  We boogie board.  We body surf.  We build sand castles and work so hard to create memories filled with joy for our children.