Friday, October 23, 2015

Trunk or Treat 2015

The PTO put on our school's first Trunk or Treat on this fine October evening.  For those unfamiliar, this is an event where trunks are popped, decorated, and children travel from car to car to Trick or Treat.  A DJ, pretzels and pizza added to the fun.
"I want to be a fox and a pirate," Helena declared weeks ago and she stood by her plan.  

I donned a witch's hat, Alexander was an alien from Alien vs Predator and Sophie went as Doc McStuffins.

Mark arrived after working late and helped us set up our bubble machine.  He discovered that taking flash photography of bubbles mid-flight produces quite the image.

Despite Alexander and I having pneumonia (and spending a bit of time in the van in front of the heater) we were glad to have gone to witness the benefits of inclusion in action.  Sophie was interviewed by the high school tv kids who knew her from summer camp.  Her friends from class came and spirited her away from me for most of the event.  Would this be the case if she remained unknown to them?  I know in my heart it would not.  This is why our advocacy, promotion of inclusion, acceptance, and respect do not get sick days.  We do it for Soph and for all of us who happily reside outside of "normal."

 My little Hamlet

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