Monday, September 29, 2008

Burgers for Cancer

We don't often go out to dinner. It's usually too expensive and have I mentioned that we have a squirmy 3 year old? Tonight we ventured out to Chili's. All profits made tonight go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for children's cancer research.

Children's cancer. Two very scary words when used together. Kids who have Down syndrome are more likely to get Leukemia, though they tend to respond better with higher success rates and lower relapses. We usually refer to it as the "L" word. Web MD writes about why this occurs in very non-people first language.

Tonight we had burgers for Sincess Kennedy who is cured and all the kids facing this terrible disease. We colored a chili pepper in honor of my sweet cousin Alyssa "Sissy" who at age 4 won her ultimate battle with cancer and is in Heaven.

I hate cancer.


RK said...

We went too...fajitas!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I hate it too. It sucks! Thanks for eating out tonight, and for thinking of Kennedy!

Michelle said...

I hate cancer, too. It sucks!

Anonymous said...

Cancer does suck! That was nice of you to make a picture in honer of Sissy. Makes me cry, cry for all the children/adults of the world with cancer. Later on this month(October is very busy for me/us), we will be going for a fundraiser dinner for Jasons boss'es daughter to help raise $ for her treatment of the L word. I will also be thinking of Sis, and our other loved ones who have had cancer, but have kicked its but. (G-ma Pat(though she has already gone home),and Janet..) Well moving up to the next post as I am getting cought up. Liz

JRS said...

Mmm fajitas.

mommy to those special ks-
You're welcome.

I know you do. SUCKS!

I cried too. Thanks for doing that for Jason's boss's little girl. I'm all for kicking cancer's butt.