Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rites of Passage

Do all little ones eventually dump out a bag of goldfish crackers, or is it just my kids?
Blast from the past


Do they look alike or what? And why do orange colored foods tint my kids' noses orange?

First Kisses: open mouth and slobbery


Anonymous said...

OMG I absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Goldfish, Cheetos, and Doritos all turned my kids orange too. That is so, so cute of Soph, and X!:) Priceless moments, pictures, and memories. I have always thought the kids looked alike. I told you it would be late if/when I was able to check this out. N-E-ways got cought up on all the other posts, and WOW!!!! Niece's, and strawberrys red, pink and cute I love them all, so I thank you. Sophie is getting so big, and her hair is getting longer too. Keep putting more pictures up of her, and my nephiew. Talk to ya later, and see you soon. Love you all Liz

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Those two pictures are so cute! We've definitely had orange goldfish all over our floor from both kiddos too!

JRS said...

I think it's her baby food that seems to be mostly orange that's doing it.

Thanks. Must be a kid thing.