Friday, January 9, 2009

Croup Be - GONE!

I'll take a kick to the head over croup any day. So, I did. Last night Soph slept (SLEPT!) all night with minimal coughing next to me and laying down!!! Most of the time she had her little feet in my chest or even in my face, but I didn't mind. I did have a strange dream though. I have always been a vivid dreamer and can remember at least one usually per night. Pregnancy has added a level of bizarre to them. I was at my parent's houe and the family was all there having a pool party in summer. (It was not their house in real life). We watched in horror when an air raid began as war on American soil, in a big way, took us all by suprise. Stress much?

My conversation with Sophie's ped this morning went well. As Soph is not barking so much today as she is coughing up wet ickiness, we decided to stop the steroid after today and not continue for the full 5 days of meds, totalling 3.5 days of Prednisalone. It's not like needing to finish antibiotics for effectiveness and I don't want her taking any more than she needs.

As for the nebulizer, let's just say I didn't have to bring out mama bear to get Doc to see things my way. He's on board for next time with the steroid (Pulmicort) through a nebulizer and saline/distilled water with the neb only as a secondary comfort measure (as in during an attack at night versus going to the ER). Since she is on the mend and already has an appointment with Dr. D (ped lung specialist) next week, we'll either get the new script from him, or the ped agreed to write it.

Thanks to all who have supplied articles, support, and strength. Momologists Unite! On another note, Maybe seems to love my morning glass of orange juice and is moving like crazy!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for croup be gone :) So glad to hear that lil miss is doing better, which in turn means mama is better too and that the ped was able to be reasoned with in regards to the neb. Hope you enjoy your Friday!

RK said...

Good news! Croup be banished for good!