Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sea of Red

As Mark was working today, it was up to me to get all 3 kids ready for the press conference (see previous post) with Gov. Quinn on the cuts proposed for Human Services in IL. It just so happened to fall during a previously scheduled developmental therapy (DT) with the amazing Ms. Judy. She stopped by just before we headed out to give me an extra hand. As both Soph and Alexander have colds, and it was over lunch time, her help was a blessing.

We loaded the CRoutan and made it on time, even riding a shuttle from the parking lot to the site. The place was packed with a sea of red supporters. The kids were AWESOME the whole time. Judy was an angel, hanging out with us and our friends Bethany and her son Jeffrey from Sophie's DSC developmental playgroup and his big brother Mark. We had a concrete floor picnic for the oldest kids while the youngest kids rode in style in their strollers. Helena slept through the whole thing. I think the roaring crowd was a bit much for her.

The turnout was amazing and the speakers were great, as usual. This is a wonderful community and I believe we made an impact on the governor. I guess we'll know soon enough as there is a special session next week.

Below should be local tv coverage of the press conference. If the embedded video doesn't work, click here.

Here's a short video of the energized crowd before the press conference started.


Stephanie said...

We wanted to be there soooo bad! I knew there would be too many people for Christopher to be around, though. We were there in spirit, and wearing red.
Did anybody mention cutting back on the $33 million they are giving Lincoln's Challenge? I know it is important, but $33 mil for what....25 kids a year? GRRRRRRR.

Everybody is looking great! I can't believe Helena is a month old already. Sophie is getting big too.

We just started a new blog. I only have one post and I am still trying to figure things out. Stop by in your "spare" time. LOL!

Hugs to all.

Steph and Christopher
Hugs to all

Anonymous said...

I thought the turnout was great and a good impression was made to the governor. Dom was sicky today so we didn't make the 1pm in Savoy....hope the message got there today just as loud as it did yesterday-it was nice to see you and your lil ones even if it was just for a minute...hope you're feeling better soon!

B said...

You're so right - we owe Judy a big THANK YOU for her help, she's always there when we need her, I'm sure you've noticed that! I was glad to see such a huge turnout - now let's hope the rest of the state is as vocal and passionate as CU is! I will GLADLY pay a higher income tax to continue funding these programs. GLADLY.

T21 Traveling Afghan said...

If I had still lived there, I would have SO been there!!!