Monday, June 1, 2009

(Sexy Red) Van, or Stimulating the Economy

Its official. We're a minivan family. Yes, I know. We've been driving a green minivan for 4 years already. We were in desperate need of a new car as our (Under)Achieva was nearly dead. Mark's parents were getting a new car and offered us their van for a song. As I was working at a non-profit and Mark was in grad school, we were not in the position to be choosy. Still, we were not minivan people, yet.

Helena came home Monday night (5/18) and Mark's parents were up the next day. In an attempt to get them all out of the house so that I could have DT with Sophie on 5/19, I sent the guys car shopping. Just to look. We had just started talking about maybe getting a new car with all of the deals and with the green van nickeling and diming us. By nickel and dime I mean $600-700 for each repair that seemed to happen every few months.

A few hours later, Mark's dad, Mark and Alexander pulled in the driveway with a brand new VW Routan. Its 'sexy' red or 'lipstick' red. It has features that are supposed to make it look sporty. It made me laugh.

We were used to a van that had bucket seats in the middle row and dual air control. It also collected rain water under the hood which would spill in on the passenger side (yes the interior!) as soon as you started driving the van after it rained. The VW did not have bucket seats in the middle row and the air control has something to be desired. However, the price was right. Seriously. The amount they gave us for trade in, ridiculous. 0.0% financing, awesome.

Then there were other features that won me over. It has stow and go seating and the seats are actually comfortable. The back bench can be fully up to seat 3, or you can fold down 2 seats leaving 1 up, or fold down just 1 leaving 2 up. Stow and go is in the middle row as well. The middle row windows roll down and it has a CD player (upgrades from old green). Although it was a bare bones package, it has a lot to offer and I am not willing to upgrade for another $5,000 for bucket seats.

In a deliberate, but surprisingly non-painful act of giving up control (yes, I have control issues) and a leap of faith, I trusted the guys and their negotiation skills. I test drove the CRoutan (yes CRoutan, I mean really, it came with a built in nickname) and said yes. Our choices were silver or pomegranate red. Duh, had to be red. 'Convertible sports car' red. Not 'primary' red. 'Sexy' red. Its a 'I'm in denial that I'm driving a minivan' red. A red that has no earthly business on a MINIVAN! Why? Because it makes me laugh.

This is our first ever brand new vehicle. Its not exactly the kind of new car Mark imagined he'd buy (a Fiero was his dream as a kid). So, bare with me as I embrace our new life as an official minivan party of five.

Goodbye old green. You served us well

He-llo CRoutan!

Especially at night, the van looks like she's smirking an evil grin. She looks mean.
Inside the center of the headlights is small VW
The gear shift is on the dash, which reminds Mark of go carts
Odometer before hitting 100 miles
Back bench with stow and go showing and just Alexanders seat up
Middle row stow and go and girls' new seats

Yes, this is the actual key. The panic button end goes in the key hole. Its all digital and stuff.
Seriously? You made it this far? Well, thanks!


RK said...

Yummy... I like it alot! Glad to know not to be looking for the green one tomorrow. Speaking of which...what's the plan? Call me... if you don't want to stress over getting here early, it's cool. No problem.

Donita said...

That's so cool! I just saw a commercial for it last night and told me " maybe that's the one for us!" It all depends on whether or not Rob's legs can fit - being 6'4" and all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm very happy to see you found a new van that 'works' for your family of 5 :) And how cool is it that I know someone close when our almost-dead van decides to putter out that I can call to help who understands the issue of seatbelts vs. carseat numbers :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I still can't do it! God Bless you! Andy keeps trying to make the argument for one...gas and I know that he has valid points but nope I just can't do it. Maybe if we had 3 kids I would feel different but I don't think so. Any ways...maybe Prince will remake his song just for you...Little Red VW...ew ew baby your much to fast... Anyways. Miss you love you can't wait to talk to you. What are the dates for you trip? I need to put in on my calendar so I get to see you in person! love, the prairie