Friday, August 28, 2009

Act III, Scene 3, 4, & 5

Our summer 3 act play picks up in Act III...

Scene 3: Sophie's 2nd birthday party was held on Mark's 35th birthday (7/11) at Mark's parent's new home. All of the kids were given aprons and then the cupcake decorating began. Icing of many colors, m and m's, spice drops, and sprinkles were on the tables as the kids decorated train and car shaped cupcakes. It was a deliciously fun and messy time. The adults enjoyed a giant cupcake, ice cream cone shaped cupcakes, and ice cream. The top of the giant cupcake was white and the bottom was devil's food. I've really enjoyed these specialty cake pans and though they are expensive to buy, we use them a lot. We also had my favorite punch (fruit punch, ginger ale, and raspberry sherbet). Yum.

It was a beautiful day for a party. Sophie had so much fun that she fell asleep while opening her presents. She was so cute in her tank top with the number 2 and her new birthday tutu. As I was busy hosting the party, my sisters took the pictures for me. Katie's computer has been broken and I just got her photos this week. Thanks girls!

Scene 4: Later that night we grilled out and a few of our friends came over for dinner to celebrate Mark's birthday. Good times.

Scene 5: We headed back home after being in Iowa for a week and a half. We stopped in the Quad Cities at Whitey's (ice cream) and met a few friends.

Our trip to Iowa was wonderful and we look forward to heading back there in 2 weeks for their Buddy Walk.

This concludes our summer 3 act play. (finally, sheesh)


amy flege said...

I wish we could of made it to see you. hopefully sometime soon!!

Beverly said...

looks like a great time! happy birthday wishes!

JRS said...

AMY- Me too. Next time, though it was good to see you at the BW, albeit briefly.
BEVERLY- It was. Thanks.