Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ahh back to preschool. Last year Alexander had so much fun. In the spring he had his own special day, which was of course, all about trains.

The staff built him a train out of boxes that he loved!

On the last day, they had a beach party and invited the families.

One last storey time and we said our goodbyes for the summer.

School began again on Monday. Last year he went MWF but this year we think a full week is in order. It's hard to believe that summer is gone. He really shot up over the past few months and is looking more and more like a big boy.


Anonymous said...

They grow up and change so fast. Survive and enjoy every minute of it! And keep a glass of wine handy for when it is just all too much and the kids have gone to bed and you just need a minute to recoup!
Love you babe!
the prairie

JRS said...

THE PRAIRIE- mmmm wine