Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Country Twang

WARNING: Cheese and whine post below...

Do you ever feel like you're living in a country song? I think we have some bad mojo hanging over our house. I'm considering doing an exorcism or smudging ceremony to shoo away the bad energy.

My computer's on the fritz as is Mark's, the kitchen sink is leaking, the front and back door handles are broken. Mark sprained his knee. I pulled out my back lifting Sophie and can't stand up straight. We have no home in less than 60 days. My cell phone is broken. Sophie hit me in the face with a baseball (but it was a GREAT throw) and bent my glasses. Both girls are teething. Instead of cleaning/packing/purging I'm on my butt with a heating pad. Mark has writer's block. Early Intervention in Montgomery County, PA won't talk to me as Sophie will be aging out of EI but the intermediate unit (preschool/early education) won't talk to me either until we move there and she turns 3. grr!

But so what? Seriously. It's a bad patch, but we're all ok and everything will work out. We were this close (imagine me holding my thumb and pointer finger very close together) to buying a house. Then the sellers sent us estimates for the repairs which were more than 4 times more expensive than they originally thought, so they wanted more money. We had to let it go.

My BFF Darcy has been scouring the internet for a rental and we are now very close to having a GREAT house in the right school district. Mark's future colleague and her husband toured it and met the landlord. They took 79 pictures so that we could get a good look at it. It would be ideal in many ways. It's a landlord's market as there are very few houses for rent and a lot of people who need housing. Fortunately for us, he really seems to like us and is doing the background checks this week. It would be a huge relief to know we will have a roof over our heads in less than 2 months as I have been consumed by this search.

Anywho, (said with a Fargo accent) maybe I can get caught up on my blog reading while I sit on my butt (over 300 unread posts in my Google reader, uggh). I'm so very far behind on reading about my bloggy friend's lives and I miss you all. I also need to get back to working on our safety conference set for June 19th (have I mentioned we're moving June 22nd)? Maybe I'll pop over to facebook and waste some time. Nope, I think I hear one of the girls getting up from their nap.