Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For the George Family

Down syndrome has made our world much smaller, beautiful, compassionate, and wonderful. Through the common link of loving someone with DS, I have met many amazing families from all over the world. Sometimes we even refer to our DS connection as being in a club.

Recently a family in the club suffered a terrible tragedy when their 8 year old daughter Carly passed away unexpectedly. Carly had already overcome heart surgeries and had beaten the dreaded leukemia in her short life. But last week she was not sick and there were no warning signs. They don't have any answers yet. She began turning blue, she may have suffered a seizure, and within a few short hours had passed away in her parents arms in the hospital.

This isn't supposed to happen. Yet for those of us in the DS club or who have a loved one with other special needs, we are often on guard waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting for signs of a new and more frightening medical diagnosis. When these things happen we want answers. We want to know WHY this happened. What is the purpose? We wail and sob. Some of us question God in anger and others find comfort in their faith (or do both).

The George family is enduring an unbelievable loss as they prepare to lay their sweet girl to rest. Though I did not know this family, I feel deep pain for them. Many in the DS community want to do something. That's the other thing that happens when tragedy occurs. The need to DO something about it when it seems impossible for anything to be done. Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes has a great idea. Head over and read how you can contribute and feel free to grab the Praying for the George family button while you're there.

To Joany, Paul, Ashleigh, Brad, and your extended family and friends, I am deeply sorry and I pray for a peace that surpasses all understanding.


Michelle said...

What a touching post you've written. Sometimes all we have in common with another family is Ds, yet its enough to feel that connection and bring us together. Thanks for spreading the word.

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