Sunday, March 20, 2011

Alexander is 6!

His daddy snuck into his room and snapped this picture of our little guy who was turning 6.

For months he's been asking for this giant donut pan. He requested the words Misty Island Rescue on his birthday cupcakes (it's a Thomas the Tank Engine story line).

I went to his kindergarten class with the cupcakes (very, very blue icing per the birthday boy's special order) and read them the story "The Stinky Cheese Man."
We did a craft with beads and then it was time to get ready for his big party.

As luck would have it, a local skating club was hosting a free open house for Alexander's school so we started the evening on the ice.

I stayed home with the girls as they were really sick, so this is the only picture from the first part of the party.

After skating, Mark came home and I took over at Bucca di Beppo for a pizza party.

We had a wonderful turn out and I had lots of help from our friend Max's dad.

The pizza was really good and the cake from the Bakery House was delicious.

Most importantly Alexander and his friends had a great time.

Happy birthday big guy!


RK said...

Whoa. 6??? Unbelievable!

Happy Birthday, little man! Looks like it was a smashing fun time! :o)

Becca said...

Wow, looks like it was a great day!! Happy birthday, Alexander!!!