Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

I love being a mom! (embedded video below)


Becca said...

Oh, Jen, that was priceless!!!!! I love that he got to keep his tooth - what a novel idea!! Must remember that... :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL kids...your tooth fairy was very timely. Sometimes in our house it took an entire week for the tooth fairy to come. Just wait until he tries to pull on over on the tooth fairy and put the same tooth out to see if she comes again. I love being a mom too. Enjoy every moment...the good and the bad!
the prairie

Anonymous said...


one over on...not on over on

the prairie

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Wilton Winrow said...

Wow. That's really cute. Did he visit the dentist already? Kids these days now know how to take care of their teeth. He better watch out from cavities!

sophie said...

Oh, how cute! I remember being small, I was too scared about extracting a tooth of mine!