Friday, August 26, 2011

Hunker Down

So, we had an earthquake on Tuesday and Hurricane Irene is expected this weekend. Not a typical week for this crew from the Midwest.

When Mark went out late last night to buy our supplies for the weekend, he kept me updated via text messages. Messages such as, "The guy at Home Depot was irritated with me for asking about portable generators. He said there are none available in the immediate vicinity. Apparently he's been getting this question a lot. They have a bajillion sump pumps, though. Home Depot is out of 6Volt batteries. At a quarter to 10 at night and Wally's is packed like it's Christmas Eve! No 6V and no D batteries here either. This is surreal. Can't imagine what it'll be like tomorrow or Saturday. They only have whole milk and 1% left! No batteries or milk at CVS or the grocery store either."

So, we have water, food, no extra D or 6Volt batteries but plenty of candles and plans to just stay home while the wind and rain do their dance. Our main concerns are basement flooding and downed power lines. Other than that we have a solid house and are far enough inland that we'll be fine. I pray for the parts of the country in her direct path. This could be really bad folks.

As long as we keep the power, I'll try and update this weekend. We are expected to have the most intense wind and rain late Saturday night through Sunday. Local friends, if you haven't stocked up on supplies (especially batteries), be aware that it is fully nuts out there.

And now, a little hurricane humor

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Amy said...

Haha! Love the hurricane humor. Glad you all are safe!