Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storm Supplies (check)

I took one last trip to our grocery store yesterday stock up before Hurricane Irene arrives. The store was packed and lines were long, but as usual the people were patient and friendly. The only fighting for supplies were my kids who all wanted to ride in the blue car cart. Many of the basic supplies were low or completely gone, but thankfully Mark had picked up those items already. Things like:




Even Mark had no luck with the D batteries though. Our big flashlight takes D, but we have plenty of candles. (I just found a 4 pack in our junk drawer! woo-hoo)

See -- family and friends back in Iowa. This is just a fraction of our food supply. The van is gassed up, the outside stuff is packed away. Laundry is (almost) finished. Mark is working on raising stored stuff up in the basement. Down spouts are extended. Everything that needs charging is charged. The bath tub will be filled. We have some cash. We're set.

The projected sustained winds are 58+mph for our area during the worst part of the storm. It will be a gnarly, but we're safe. We'll keep you posted as we can.

Stay safe East Coasters!

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