Sunday, September 18, 2011


1st home game!

Our family and our BFFs Maureen, Ras, and my honorary nephew Samuel bought season tickets together. We have some pretty darn good seats.

Our friends had weekend guests, so just the guys came along this time.

Thanks to the Christmas in July sale at the bookstore, our family has a ridiculous amount of school apparel. There's nothing like putting on a pair of brand new fuzzy sweat pants and sweat shirt on a chilly fall afternoon.

The store didn't have a cheerleader's uniform in Helena's size, so we improvised. At one end of the field they have a kid's area with bounce houses, a bouncy obstacle course, a coloring booth, and other fun activities.

These kid friendly activities and 3 bags of popcorn kept our crew happy for the entire game. (mostly). I didn't know if we would make it through the whole game and since our team got beat up pretty bad, I'd say that was the highlight of the day.

Mark's bike lock worked well in securing the chariot to the fence. This is a very safe neighborhood, but you have to protect your stuff. This way the girls could ride in style for our 4 block walk home.

We're ready for some football! Are you?

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Anonymous said...

Wohoo! Love it!! I have a fantasy football team this year and am getting quite and education! I hope all of the games go so well for your family...but better for Vova!

the prairie