Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome to the 1st Grade

In the state of Pennsylvania, kindergarten is not mandated. Most school districts offer a half day program. This year Alexander is in the 1st grade which brings with it many changes. Our street is still a mess from the new water main and gas pipes that were installed this summer, but it will be repaved.

My little guy is in school ALL day. No more sleeping in has been a BIG adjustment in his little world. He eats lunch in the cafeteria. He has TWO recesses (his favorite part of school). The students all have their own desks instead of tables like they have in kindergarten.

It was a foggy and soggy first day. We have friends whose kid's schools have been closed due to the severe flooding and power outages that are widespread out here. Trees that are heavy with water have been falling over as the saturated ground can no longer support them. Our basement has been flooded. This is the wettest it has ever been in recorded history and let me tell you, it's a mess.

I had the chance to meet Alexander's teacher and visit his classroom at the open house the night before school started. So far we are thrilled with his teacher. She has her classroom so organized. You can tell that she has spent a lot of time getting it ready. It's full of activities and decorations and positively oozes excitement for learning. I guarantee she spent her own money on some of these supplies.

All of the classrooms have Smart Boards, which I was very impressed by. See the socks hung from the ceiling that will blow when the furnace kicks on? So cute.

Alexander is going to love the 1st grade.

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How is he doing? Loving it? Hating it?
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