Monday, November 28, 2011

HERSHEY®'S and Betty Crocker® Cookie Exchange Party

How about that? I entered a contest to host a cookie exchange party with HERSHEY®'S and Betty Crocker®. This is handy as we've planned to have a cookie exchange and ugly holiday sweater contest regardless. I just found out today that I won!

They are sending the following supplies to make the party even more fun:
  • HERSHEY®'S and Betty Crocker baking staples to help create Chocolate Snowball and Peanut Butter Blossom cookies for my cookie exchange
  • Recipe cards for guests to create their very own holiday cookie recipe book (for 15 guests)
  • Custom bakery boxes for my guests to take home their favorite cookies from the exchange (for 15 guests)
  • A HERSHEY®'S and Betty Crocker apron as a thank you for hosting
I found the ugliest holiday sweater in the world and other accessories at a local thrift store. There will be a prize for the ugliest sweater. If you're local and don't yet have the evite, let me know!

Now to find the perfect ugly sweater prize.....I'm thinking a scary elf or something goofy. Ideas?


Anonymous said...

What...two posts in two days!!! Yipee!!!

the prairie

Becca said...

Sounds like FUN!!! Wish I could come. :-)