Sunday, November 27, 2011

UnChristmas Card

We were exhausted from getting the kids dressed and that was before heading to the photo shoot. Our real camera decided it wasn't going to recognize its fully charged battery, so we had to use the iPod camera. The kids were wild monkeys, as per usual. What you will see in the embedded video below are a small sampling of the shots that won't be making the cut for our holiday card this year.

As Mark and I did our best to position the kids and get them to smile in the same direction, strangers passing by began joining us. They offered encouragement and tried their best to get the kids to cooperate. In the end I got a couple of shots that I love. That's what is important. Not the hundred or so of the nose picking, shoe losing, tights ruining, running, crying, jumping, escaping, dress over her head lifting, funny face making shots that we snapped. (sigh) This is why egg nog was invented. Yum. Enjoy!

embedded video below. If it doesn't appear, refresh your screen or click HERE


Katerina said...
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Katerina said...

What are cheerful and beautiful children! please be so happy all:)