Monday, March 26, 2012

Doctor Day

This morning I took all three kids to their new pediatric dentist (by myself). I'm thrilled to say that they all did really well. Alexander went first to show his sisters how it's done. He got an x-ray and we learned that he was born missing a couple permanent teeth. Oops. Coupled with the spacing of his teeth and his overbite, he's looking at braces, possibly as soon as a year or two from now.

Helena A.K.A. Schmoogie went second. She wore sunglasses provided by the dentist and had no problem getting her exam, cleaning and fluoride treatment. We need to do a better job brushing her back teeth, she's very healthy, but needs to lose the pacifier.

Soph went last and was very cooperative. She also got an exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. She only bit down on the brush once, which is pretty good considering that she tends to chew her toothbrushes. We are very impressed with our pediatric dentist and techs.

3 kids, 0 cavities. Afterwards we took Alexander back to school and the girls and I headed to their pediatrician's office. I'm not a parent who takes the kids to the doctor's office for a cold or flu. From October - April one of us in this family usually has a virus of some sort, though Sophie is much more prone to respiratory illness then the rest of us. It's just been too long with this last round of coughing and snot for my comfort. Also, as Mark and I prepare to head to Switzerland and are leaving the kids in the care of the great Grandma Paula, I decided it was time for a medical opinion.

So, both girls are suspected to have inherited my seasonal allergies, oops, and both girls have a sinus infection. Helena also has an ear infection. We thought it would be a good idea to have Alexander looked at since he has a similar cough, though it seemed to be getting better.

The girls and I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and when Alexander got home from school, we headed back to the doctor. He too is suspected to have inherited my allergies, has fluid in one ear, and a sinus infection.


We headed to the pharmacy and waited an hour to NOT get the prescriptions filled. The girls have their meds, but not Alexander. I'm not a happy camper. Thankfully, I have wine and a fabulous trip coming up very soon to assuage my nerves. The great Grandma Paula will arrive tomorrow and it will be all better. Thank G-d for access to good health care.

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