Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Theodor Seuss Geisel

In our home, books written by Dr. Seuss have been a multi-generational form of entertainment and source of wisdom. Dr. Seuss played a major part in our love of reading, imagination, and language. It went without saying that our children would also experience the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss.

We have read these books (often the original copies read to us as children) to our babies since before they could speak. The ORIGINAL Grinch Who Stole Christmas is a favorite film and the girls often drift off to sleep after the Foot Book at bed time.

Personally, my hands-down most favorite book of all time is the Lorax who speaks for the trees and I couldn't be more thrilled or apprehensive that it has been made into a movie. Previous Dr. Seuss movie incarnations have fallen quite far from my expectations. Perhaps that is because there is really no comparison to the versions that we create in our minds versus what is played out on the big screen. Nevertheless, I look forward to taking the kids to the new Lorax movie and hope it has done justice to this important story.

Tonight I will read them to sleep with the unmistakable rhyme and imagination of a genius that I admire and thank profusely. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

And now for a blast from the past, Alexander's reading of Green Eggs & Ham as a mere 3.5 year old, read at his grandparents home when they lived on Mount Zubba Bubba, TN. If you can't see it, click HERE for the original post.

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

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Nikki said...

Love it! I like Oh, The Places You'll Go :)

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