Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ear Tube Follow Up and Audiology

Most importantly, it was a good visit. In and out in 1 hour to ENT and audiology is a world record. Sophie's ears look good and the hearing test went well. The results are pretty much the same as in October. Her hearing is pretty good with a mild loss in the low pitches. Follow up in 6 months.

The trip, however, was another story. We got into town with a smelly engine and without a stroller with which to haul our stuff. While I took Soph to the appointments in a borrowed hippo shaped wagon from the hospital, Mark and Alexander found a shop within walking distance of SLCH. Appointments were done by 12:30 but the car hadn't been checked out yet. We spent the day between the 2nd floor entry way with the trains that are mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling and in the cafeteria.

We heard from the shop that the AC compressor was bad and they did not recommend trying to drive it home. If the belt broke, it would possibly cause serious damage to the engine and we would be stuck on the side of the road. Mark's dad concurred. They couldn't get to it until today, so we had to decide if we would be staying overnight or renting a car to get home. Staying would have meant rescheduling ST, the tub surround repair (major leak into the basement from the main floor) and Mark missing 3 classes. That and we had no supplies or Sophie's meds or extra food out for the cats. Thankfully, RK and Julie came to the rescue and drove in from St. Charles. We are borrowing RKs car and returning it, probably Wednesday, which meant that we were able to drive the 3 hours and be home last night. Thank you RK! On the way home, driving through the rain, Alexander had a potty accident and he ended up with a brand new pair of St. Louis Cardinals pjs. I was fully convinced that my water would break (as we're not technically supposed to be travelling out of town) and well, it would have fit the theme of the day.

I spent the day hysterically laughing to the point of tears, which is dangerous given my near full term pregnant status. The car could have broken down in the rain on our way, causing us to miss our appointment and stranding us, who-knows-where. It didn't. We thought the over due oil change may have been the problem and were planning to just get an oil change. Had we done that, instead of taking it to a shop, it would likely have broken down on the way home. Had we remembered the stroller, Sophie might not have had such a good nap in the cafeteria, in the bed we made for her in the hippo wagon. She doesn't nap well in the stroller. Had we left right away after the appointments, I would not have had the yummy onion rings that I love. As our little comedy of errors continued to develop, I couldn't help but see quite clearly how much worse it could have been.
2nd floor entry, trains
Cheesy post-nap grin
Alexander working hard on Noggin.com in cafeteria


RK said...

Glad you guys got back ok. And no baby was delivered in my car! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL...it is one of those things that if you do not laugh at you will cry...so here is a great bit ROTFLMAO to you! I am glad you made it through everything reasonably unscathed! Love you guys and my prayers of strength and patience are with you! the prairie

RK's MOM said...

I'm so proud that RK loaned you her car. She would do that...:o)
Glad you are so positive about it all.