Sunday, April 26, 2009


On our way home from the water park on our mini Spring Break get away, we stopped at a railroad museum. As Alexander and his dad are borderline obsessed with trains, it sounded like a great plan. Except that they didn't open for the season for another week and the gates were locked tight. A staff member drove up just as I was about to break the bad news. I did my best impression of a silver tongue devil and voila, we had permission to enter. The same weekend our local little mall had their annual model train show, which we of course attended, both days. This slideshow is for you big 4 year old boy!

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Anonymous said...

Zander, my grandpa and great-grandpa worked for the Illinois Central Railroad for their entire working life! They loved trains like you do. I love the slide show your mom put up for you. You better tell her thank you and give her a big hug and a kiss! Love to you, the prairie