Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman, especially after she's past her due date, even when fully joking, unless you're really in need of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick:

OMG, you're STILL pregnant?! huh?
Better you than me. why, thanks!
Boy are you gonna have your hands full. thanks for noticing
You really don't look that big. My sister is about as far along as you and she's huge. ok?
You're huge! Thanks. I appreciate it.
You should wait to go into labor til (X date). That's my birthday, day off, etc. uh, no
WHOA! come here and I'll show you whoa
You should really try; (red raspberry leaf tea, Evening Primrose oil capsules, walking - a lot, sex, reflexology/acupressure, pedicure/massage, nipple stim, birthing balls, hands and knees position, drinking castor oil, relaxing, sleeping). trust me, I know
When do you think you'll have the baby? (dirty look)
Quit faking it. You know I love ya, but it's good we're on the phone
And my favorite, It'll be like having 2 babies (referring to Sophie having DS). (silence)

Thankfully I've heard MANY wonderful and supportive things and have appreciated it very much. Mostly I've laughed this stuff off, well maybe the ones said with good intention or clearly as a joke anyway. But, Darc, if she waits until Lane's birthday (and Janet's too) I'm coming for ya. Katie, if she doesn't come till your weekend off, I'm going in the record books and then I'm coming for ya.

So here's the ask, I really don't want to induce or drink castor oil (yet). So if everyone could send a tidal wave of good thoughts, prayers, vibes, etc. and concentrate specifically on today, maybe we can kick this party into gear. How bout it? I'm off to take a nap.


amy flege said...

ugh on those comments. i think i would of slapped them silly!! you are going to great!! one lil hint.. drink a glass of wine!! worked for me!

Anonymous said...

My wonderful Jenny!!!! I am sending strong "have your baby" vibes to you in Illinois! I know when her time comes you will be ready. Patience is a lesson I have also learned this year and it AINT easy! Good luck and Gods speed!

ps...if she does wait until tomorrow then I will be really excited because that means you are "coming for me" which of course means that I get a visit from one of the most spectacular women I know! I will put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill!