Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Opportunity

OK, a nap certainly helps with the bucking up, especially after a night of insomnia. Amy reminded me of a quote last week that's been ringing in my ears. In March of 2007, we were given Sophie's prenatal diagnosis of DS and duodenal atresia. Mark and I were in full grief mode and decided to head to the theaters to see a comedy, Evan Almighty. There was a line in the film about praying for patience that I was sure was meant for me. I even discussed it with our pastor as patience had been a part of my nightly prayers and frankly, I didn't want an opportunity to be patient or courageous, I just wanted the skill. The way I pray has changed since then, as this lesson affected me that much. I know I've learned quite a bit about patience in the past couple of years, but something tells me I've not yet completed this course as it appears that I've been given yet another opportunity. You'll find the line at about a minute into the clip. Bucking up now.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Not due to Evan Almighty but my praying has come a long way in the last few years...not saying everything is perfect but you understand!

btw...the movie did make me really like Steven Carrel (sp?)

Anonymous said...

It's me..Darcy, I wrote the above comment!

Libbey05 said...

I love this! I hope you are well..I really needed to see this today.Maybe I will go look at that movie again...I am waiting for baby news...but you know my story...40, 42 and 43.5 so I fully appreciate what you are going through...love you

hugs to all