Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cause for Rejoicing

I received a letter today from the awesome Developmental Services Center that we will again receive Respite Services October - December! My 1st call placed was to our sitter and I already have her lined up for October. This is truly a God send. Woo-hoo!!!

Don't forget, you can still buy raffle tickets to win $20,000 in cash from DSC. Tickets are $20.
2ND PRIZE $500
3RD PRIZE $500
4TH PRIZE $500

PAYDAY DRAWINGS: On September 11th and 25th, October 9th and 23rd one ticket will be drawn and the winner will receive $100 CASH AND the winner's ticket will be put back in the running for the $20,000 Grand Prize - 4TH Prize drawings!!!

The final drawing will be held on Friday October 23rd at Juniper's at the Crossing and everyone is welcome!

  1. To purchase with a credit card click here. When you click to "buy now" simply fill out the form and submit. A DSC representative will contact you to complete your credit card sale.
  2. Write a check to Developmental Services Center (DSC) and mail it at DSC/CASH RAFFLE, 1304 West Bradley Ave. Champaign, IL 61821, or
  3. pay cash

Winner need not be present to win. All proceeds benefit children and adults with developmental disabilities.

And now for a random cute photo of Soph.


Lacey said...

Love that pic. She looks like she still wants to be the baby. I keep hearing respite. What is that? Is it state run? I would love to have help with Jax, his cares can be daunting.

Beverly said...

What a sweet photo! Congrats on the respite!

JRS said...

LACEY- I think sometimes she does. You could use some help with Jax. Our Respite is funded by the IL Dept. of HS and the Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board. It was part of the funding cut that got handed down from the State this summer and we're so glad it's back, even if it's just for 3 months. We can either use DSC's staff and they pay the Respite worker an hourly wage directly or hire our own, pay them ourselves and get reimbursed. We do both. We get 15 hours each month and the intent is to provide "temporary relief from the care of those individuals with a disability within a family." You can't use it to work, but to go out on a date, run errands, nap, do housework, anything really. It's amazing. I seriously encourage you to look into it in your area.

BEVERLY- Thanks on both accounts.