Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Developmental Playgroup is Back

This month, after 6 weeks off, Sophie's developmental playgroup started back up again. We love DSC and Sophie gets as much out of this group as her individual therapies. Helena usually hangs at home with Mark, but since he was busy this morning being honored by the university for excellence in teaching (yes, I'm proud), baby sis came along.
We have one returning group leader, Mary and a new group leader, Deana this year. We knew Deana already as she filled in a few times last year. They are both wonderful. We've got just 2 returning friends and a bunch of new ones. Group is just as much for the parents as the kids and making new connections is good. Also with us this year is our new friend Miss H, who also has Down syndrome.

To continue the recent theme, Sophie blew me away again. She did lots of walking today. I managed to capture on video the elusive phone conversation that she's stubbornly refused to do in front of any of her therapists. The room was noisy, so listen closely as Soph says 'hello' into the phone.

During art time she used actual paint vs. food (pudding) without trying to munch the roller (a 1st). She actually painted, chattered and laughed the whole time. She did a few hand movements that go with our snack time song, 'fishy in the water' (another 1st)

She cheered as we arrived and was sad to leave. Such a big girl.


Lacey said...

I heard the hello. What a great playgroup.

Beverly said...

looks like a great group!

Terri said...

This brings back such memories. Our program was called Parent-Child and it was just like yours--right down to "fishy in the water!!" Love it!

My daughter is 16 now and we still network with the parents we met way back then (and saw one of the teachers at the Buddy Walk last weekend!) Wonderful times!

JRS said...

LACEY- Isn't it great?

BEVERLY- It really is.

TERRI- Love 'fishy in the water!' I hope to keep our connections that we've made as well.