Wednesday, October 7, 2009

High Tea for Sophie

Sophie's diagnosis of Down syndrome came to us prenatally through a run-of-the-mill ultrasound and was confirmed by amnio. We had skipped the screenings (for all the kids), but there were soft markers (nuchal fold measurement, echogenic markers, limb length) that made the announcement. As we adjusted to the news and awaited her arrival, we decided to throw a tea party in her honor. It was so much fun and everyone was dolled up and fabulous.

I put together a book with the hand made invitation and menu. It also has a portrait of every guest and letters that each of them had written to Sophie, as we were already celebrating her life before her arrival. It is my goal that she knows she was always loved and always 100% a part of our family.

The montage was the 1st one I made with onetruemedia and was my thank you to our guests who carried me during the hard times early on and still do today. Plus, it gave me a reason to use the awesome Natalie Merchant song (Kind & Generous).

Today, one of Sophie's most favorite toys is her singing tea party set. I look forward to many tea parties to come.

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