Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Down with You

Thanks Karyn for originally posting this. I'm Down with you is a really cool photography project started by a man with no previous personal connection to a person with Down syndrome. He simply recognized the beauty, love, joy, and special connection to God within the faces of our loved ones.

Jagatjoti Singh Khalsa says on the website in the forward:

"The joy and spirit of the Down syndrome community has always inspired me. I have often thought to myself, 'What if I could capture that feeling and share it with everyone else--especially during this time of negative headlines, greed and unconsciousness, when everything seems to be falling apart?'

Many people search their whole lives for peace of mind and unconditional love--pouring over self help books, attending seminars, listening to audio books and praying by their bedsides for help. The simple irony is that there already exists within the Down syndrome community a simpler model of emotional contentment and spiritual perfection. I've always felt that this extra 21st chromosome was a blessing, whereas most people misjudged it as a curse, problem or disappointment. To capture the spirit of these individuals, I embarked on a photographic journey--meeting, learning from, and photographing members of the Down syndrome community."

Go check out the website HERE and be sure to watch the clip below.


RK said...

oh my goodness. gorgeous. thank you for sharing!

Karyn said...

Glad you loved it too. I was in tears when I first saw it on youtube. Also thanks for the tip to talk to Amy about IS. She was a big help. Take care!