Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learning to Eat with a Spoon

Speech Therapy as if written by Sophie...

Miss L. and Mom had me practice using a spoon. They cheered and said YAY every time I took a bite. Mom says learning to eat with a spoon all by myself is important, but I think it's fun.

Next time Mom better put me in my high chair as I got myself and Miss L. all messy, but she didn't mind.

I'm gonna lick it!

I told you I was gonna lick it. Miss L. was really excited about this for some reason. She said it was good that I'm using my tongue or something.

I hope to keep practicing. Mommy says we can try ice cream next (maybe Pumpkin Pie ice cream if it's in the grocery stores)
I love watching this video of myself. I made Mom play it over and over.


RK said...

She holds the spoon just like Braska does. I think it would be natural to hold it in a fist, but B seems to want to do it with a couple fingers at the very end of the spoon. This makes for much messiness and not the greatest accuracy of hitting the mouth at our house. :o)

whatever to us said...

Too cute! Dom had a lot of luck with the Nuby toss and go spoons- they had a smaller scoop and a longer handle- pretty good these days except for spaghetti night!

Hollie said...

Good Job Sophie!!! That is awesome Jen!

Beverly said...

so cute! what a big girl!