Friday, March 5, 2010

Casting Call

Last Wednesday I went out with friends to chambanamoms Night Out at a place called Cakes on Walnut. This day was day 7 of a week long hard core diet (written by RK's dr). I had successfully dropped the weight gained over the holidays and felt the best way to celebrate was to eat red velvet cake. It was a nice evening away from the screaming that is my home of 3 kids, 2 cats, and 1 husband.
Then I decided to tempt fate. I really should have known better. The CU Autism group hosted a spa night for moms of children who have special needs. Catered by the Olive Garden, it was an evening of free mani/pedis, massages and conversation. The universe laughed at my arrogance in thinking I could get away again so soon. As I walked (or speed walked because I'm generally running late in this life) to the front door, I slipped on a patch of icy sidewalk. Old Man Winter took me down on my back side and right hand. I laid there for a few minutes, stunned. The woman who greeted me at the door couldn't help but notice that I was covered in muddy slush. She took me to the bathroom and went to look for help.

I don't know if it's just moms in general, or specifically moms who have a child with special needs, but I was taken care of very well. Dr. Karen, who's son is in playgroup with Soph, examined me in the bathroom and suspected a broken wrist. She called the doctor's office and preordered my x-rays. Crissy followed behind as Bethany drove my sexy red van to Convienent Care. That's rock star treatment in my book. The dr said I had definitely broken my wrist and gave me a splint to wear and referral to the fracture clinic for follow up. In the meantime, Wendy had met us and we all headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant for the biggest margarita in town.

On Sunday, Convenient Care called saying that the radiologist had finally read the x-rays and did not see a fracture, so they cancelled my referral. "Wear the splint for a week and follow up with your primary if it keeps hurting." On Monday, the Ortho office called and they were a bit perturbed that my referral to them was cancelled. Apparently this type of fracture in the wrist can be hard to see on x-ray. I needed to have a 2nd round of x-rays after 2 weeks. As the bone heals, if it is broken or cracked, a distinct white line will show up.

On Wednesday (Spread the Word to End the Word Day) I stood outside for 4 hours in 40 degree weather. I noticed that my hand was turning a lovely shade of green and it hurt even more than the previous day. So, I called the dr and they sent a note to ortho. Ortho decided to take a look today to make sure the green was just bruising and not something else and to make sure I was wearing the proper splint.

This morning ortho Dr. J informed me that it was not the right splint and it was probably causing more harm than good. He looked at the original x-rays and did not see anything that concerned him. He was able to apply a good deal of pressure to my wrist without much pain, which is a good sign. It really hurts on my hand directly under my thumb. My hand and thumb are very swollen and my thumb is shaped like a breakfast sausage, all fat and juicy. (that's hot!)

The plan is to x-ray again in a week. If it still hurts but the x-rays do not show a fracture, then it's time for a MRI and possibly surgery if they find anything. If I'm feeling fine and the x-ray looks good, then I'm done. I want to be done.

So, off to the casting room I went. There was really no thinking when they asked what color I wanted. ReJenerationS refers to spiritual renewal or revival; renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system; the state of being ReJenerated. For this reason, the coming Spring, and of course St. Patrick's Day, I'm now sporting a very green cast. I photoshopped a shamrock on it, but am thinking I really should glue one on.

So for now, it's left handed blogging, which is nothing new for a breastfeeding mama. Here's hoping it's just a sprain. It's not really too big of a deal, besides being an annoyance and being made of fiberglass that I don't want embedded in the kids' skin. This is my 1st cast and I hope to fight my claustrophobic urge to run screaming down the street whacking it on the curb and trees to get it off. Ya, picture that! Thanks to Beth and Stephanie for bringing our family enough food for a week. I haven't had to cook and that's been such a blessing. Thanks friends!


amy flege said...

sorry you have to wear it but it is pretty!!1 :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that it is the cutest cast I have ever seen even though I know they suck to where, so for that I am sorry! I love the little clover though. ;)


Molly said...

So I was going to comment, and then I got completely distracted by your buddy walk shirt. I wore mine today too! (ok even though that picture of you might not be from today...) I think it'll be the first of many buddy walk shirts I accumulate.

Stephanie said...

Hope they get it figured out soon....casts suck, but on the bright side - they didn't have to put one all the way up your arm. Big Chris was worried about that. Will pray for quick healing and no surgery. :)

Hugs to all of you! :)


P.s. Let me know if you need any more chicken - we could ALWAYS use an excuse to get more....mmmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Healing vibes coming your way!

love, the prairie is all good moms...

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