Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pastel Love

I was on a mission. Objective 1: Locate the dining room table. Once Upon a Time I know we used to have one. Objective 2: tv off, internet off, family time. Objective 3: Create something that would bring me joy and appease my inner artist.

More proof that she may be a south paw

9 month old body with a 2 year old mind set

Don't YOU decorate for Easter with a St. Patty's Day Bowler (type of hat)?

This kid threw eggs at my door! He says it will tell the Easter bunny we are waiting for him.

I love having our doors open to the fresh air, smelling the earth come back to life and listening to the sound of birds chirping. It breathes hope into my soul.

Spring. Proof that life goes on. Pastels. Rebirth. Soft fuzzy animal babies. Eating jelly beans and chocolate by the pound.

My inner artist envisioned creating an Easter wreath. So I did, left handed, with wire and ribbon. (cast comes off my right arm tomorrow, then 2nd round of x-rays/possible MRI). These are my supplies (some purchased, some I've had for years)

Tulips aren't just the quintessential symbol of Spring, but have been adopted by the DS community (and special needs community at-large) because of Emily Perl Kingsley's poem, Welcome to Holland.

Maybe you think it looks like Easter threw up, but I quite like the end result. In fact, I think I may remove the eggs and bow after Easter and keep it for the rest of Spring.
Tonight we ate dinner together around the dinner table. I can't remember the last time we did this. Usually we eat in the living room, the kids at their little tables, the tv and computers on. It was the most lovely meal and I plan to make this the norm.

Mission, Accomplished.


Tina said...

I really do like your Easter wreath infact all your easter decorations look lovely!
I love love that picture of Sophie with her glasses, are they from Specs4us? do they fir well? I do admit I have a soft corner for all little girls with glasses!

Tina said...

oops I mean fit well....

RK said...

Way to go...dinner at the table. I've heard of such a thing, but I don't know if that tradition will visit our house, much as I'd like it to. (It would help if we HAD a table...hmmmm)

And the Easter stuff is adorable. Way to spring things up!

Oh, and more glasses pics please! I wanna see the cutie showing off her studious look. :o)

Amy said...

Love the decorations Jen! You have inspired me!!

My name is Sarah said...

Wow!!1 can you come decorate our house. Everything looks beautiful and so springy.