Friday, May 7, 2010

The Planner

(said with chest puffed out and cape flapping in the wind). It's a lame super hero name, (or maybe super villain name) but it is the one I claim for the time being. My time is spent planning our lives here in CU for the next 6 weeks, planning Sophie's IEP (currently in progress), planning her transfer, planning where we will actually live in our new time zone, planning the packing and moving, planning summer VBS/swimming/baseball/etc. lessons (here/PA?), planning a superfantasticamazing conference on safety and violence prevention for people with developmental disabilities, their loved ones, and professionals, and planning my girls' birthdays. Planning on how to keep the wine consumption to a minimum and not gain 20 lbs.

The latest news is that a house purchase fell through and I believe it was a blessing. We will go back to my original plan of renting for at least a year to get to know the area before committing a vomit-inducing amount of money. FINALLY (through my tireless agent's research, err, BFF from all the way back to the 6th grade, Mrs. Darcy) we appear to have a house - in the top school district - for the right $ - and the right time frame! (per FAXed lease tonight from eccentric, highly thorough landlord who looks like the Gortman's fisherman)! Knowing you won't have a place to live in less than 2 months can be quite the stress inducer, let me tell ya!

The safety conference is really coming along well. I'll post the brochure soon, but sufficet to say, it is a melting pot of my 2 life's passions. We have 5 tracks of sessions for all members of the family, regardless of age or ability. Track 1: For parents, guardians, and professionals, Bodies, Boundaries, & Sexuality: The role of Sexuality Education in Sexual Abuse Prevention Supporting Healthy Sexuality as a strategy for Sexual Abuse Prevention, by Terri Couwenhoven, M.S. Track 2: For ages 0-4, Childcare mixed group for children with and without disabilities in a really amazing indoor play ground. Track 3: For ages 5-11, mixed group for children with and without disabilities, Heroes In Action® School Smarts Anti-Bullying Training Program, by Ray Amanat. Track 4: For ages 12 and up, for individuals with intellectual disabilities, Speaking Up For Safety: A Self-Advocates Workshop on Sexual Abuse, Shirley Paceley of Track 5: For siblings of individuals with intellectual disabilities, ages 12 and up, Sibling Workshop, by Dr. Laurie Kramer. Also an exhibit hall with community organizations and resources/services on safety issues.

Have I mentioned that this conference is 2 days before we move?

Doesn't matter. It is my passion and I am so proud of it.

So, lately, between the packing and planning, I've distracted myself with the upcoming birthdays of my 2 girls. It's hard to believe that Helena will be 1. I'm so behind on all the posts I've started and left unfinished on her developments. Sophie will be 3 soon as well. Just how did that happen? How did my baby girl become a full fledged kid?

During our next trip back to my hometown in a few weeks we will have a bash for the girls at my little sister's house. The theme will be the children's cartoon Ni Hao, Kai Lan (a little girl of Chinese American descent) that all 3 of my kids LOVE. I've gone nuts with the planning. More on that soon.

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