Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Sophinator

2 quick things I just had to share. A few days ago we were watching the Signing Times. During a song, Sophie got up and left the room. I thought that was odd because usually she LOVES watching these DVDs. The song was about hats. Sophie returned to the living room with her daddy's baseball cap in her hands. She sat down and put it on and continued watching the show.

Do you understand what I just typed? She understood the song was about hats. She remembered that there was a hat in another room. She went into the other room and retrieved it from up high on the table, came back and put it on.

When I realized what I had witnessed, I laughed and cried and clapped and hugged her so tight.

Then just now her daddy put a baseball game into the Wii. As it was loading, she went up to the tv and (for the 1st time) said "baseball."

Somebody come peel me off the floor! Best Mother's Day present - EVER!


Bethany said...

I.Love.This. :) :) Happy Mother's Day Jen!!!

JEllen said...

OHhhh those moments that only we understand, they are grand. Go Sophinator!!! Happy Mother's day:)

Anonymous said...

WOW Jen that is so great. It is moments like those that a mother will cherish forever. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Molly said...

That's FANTASTIC! Go sophie!

Anonymous said...

Watching our children grow is so fulfilling!
love, the prairie