Saturday, May 15, 2010

Real Housewives of CU

Tonight I had the pleasure of escaping to the home of a friend that I met through Alexander's preschool. It's funny, the way we connect to other women as we age. In high school and college, friendships came as easy as breathing air. Social outlets were plentiful. As I have settled into my new life as Wife and 30 something Mom, things have changed, for me at least. No longer do I plan my weekends around which band I MUST check out, but rather what family activity has been inked on the calendar for months. My circle of friends is small and while not exclusive, it has become extraordinary. My BS tolerance level has plummeted and I let in only those who truly add positive energy into my life.

Tonight I had a sitter as Mark was working late. True to form, I laid out the kids' pj's, wrote up bedtime instructions, and then as an after-thought, dressed myself in a somewhat presentable (wrinkled) shirt-pulled out of a laundry basket I neglected to put away 3 months ago, just moments before I left the house. I pretended that adding a headband was "doing my hair." But, hey I was wearing lipstick and baubles on my ears (fancy).

Tonight I went to a wine tasting at a friend's house. When you walk into her beautiful home you are enveloped by warmth and acceptance. You are encouraged to kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself. You don't want to leave. Our evening consisted of creamy cheeses and crackers and uproarious laughter. A talented Sommelier in training guided our journey through whine/wine country this evening and I'm sure she got more than she bargained for. You see, we were a group of moms gathered together, AWAY FROM OUR HOMES, KIDS & HUSBANDS and we loved every minute of it.

Tonight we discussed our lack of sleep, our wardrobes that typically consist of yoga pants and t-shirts with baby snot encrusted on the shoulders. We spoke of vacations, in-laws (mine AWESOME, others - not so much), and Dollywood. We marvelled at all that we do as working moms (whether paid or unpaid) and shared fears and feelings of inadequacy as mothers. We spoke of our guilt as it pertained to the quality and quantity of time spent with our children. The wine was wonderful. The company, exquisite.

Tonight we planned our next evening which will consist of more whine/wine, a dress code of pajama pants, and a campy 90s romance movie. The plot: a 30-something wife has a crisis of identity and runs away to spend a wild weekend with her gardener/tree trimmer. At the end she must choose between her husband and her fling.

Tonight I learned that "full bodied" refers to the alcohol content of a wine, not the richness of taste. I learned that most Chardonnays are aged in oak barrels. That oak brings out the subdued characteristics or 'notes' found in the wine, such as vanilla. That wine can come from all over the world and that many factors during the life of the grapes will determine how it eventually presents itself. Wine can change over time when you factor in age and how it is cared for. Environment, home of origin, caretakers, where development takes place; sounds an awful lot like how we became the women we are today, doesn't it?

So, after generous samples of six yummy wines, tonight I happily embrace the label "full-bodied." Yum!


RK said...

I don't even drink wine, and I'm jealous. Glad you had a great night. You deserve it!!!

Anne said...


You ARE amazing!! Our connection reminds me of a poem "Bits and Pieces" --people come in and go out of life, but they definitely leave their mark.

What a pleasure it has been to connect with you.

Susie said...


What a great blog you have going here! I'm so happy to have been a part of your special evening!

Anonymous said... and wonderfulness (is that even really a word?)! I wish I was there! We will have to drink some wine together soon!
The prairie

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