Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hurricane Game

If you are a Phillies fan, you may have heard about this game last week. They are calling it the hurricane game. As midwesterners, we are used to big thunderstorms. This storm was technically a thunderstorm but it was definitely not like what we are used to.

The guys went to the Phillies vs. Indians game and from their seats on the 4th deck, they watched the storm move in. We were in constant contact via texting as the girls and I watched the storm from the safety of the house. Sirens went off three times and the power was flickering constantly.

We are used to powerful wind gusts, but this was different. This wasn't a gust but more like a sustained hurricane wind. From their seats at the game they kept an eye on the buildings in the distance. Slowly those buildings began to disappear as the storm marched closer.

They left their seats and took cover in a merchandise store. Dale reports that they were some of the last people that the store let in. This monster gave the stadium a whopping, breaking off parts of the building, shattering glass, tossing hot dog stands and merchandise like it was nothing. The super heavy tarp that they put down to cover the infield was whipped in the air like a flag on a pole. It even drug a small truck that was parked on it to hold it down. Garbage was flying through the air and the tv monitors were destroyed. Trees were blown over and people got hurt at the ball park. After a long rain delay, the game resumed, but they guys had come home.

That evening I picked up pizza at a neighborhood family owned place and chatted with the owners. A grocery store nearby had a collapsed roof. Neighborhoods were littered with downed trees and power was out in many places. I had been under the impression that this part of the country didn't have storms like this. Guess we brought them with us.
our footage

other videos of the hurricane game found on youtube