Friday, July 16, 2010

Ni Hao, Kai Lan Birthday Party continued

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At our neighborhood Asian food store I had picked up our fortune cookies. The day before the party I melted chocolate and dipped the cookies and added sprinkles. Bamboo skewers were loaded with grapes and strawberries, a traditional Chinese party treat, (though we opted not to candy them after our first batch failed). We covered floral foam bricks with napkins and stuck the skewers on top.
I was up past midnight decorating with dragons, firecrackers, and paper lanterns, but it was well worth it. Our guests began to arrive the next day and we started in on the pot stickers, egg rolls, Asian cole slaw, fruit, crafts, and games. The weather was more hot than I would have liked, but we managed. My wonderful family pitched in for some last minute set up and we were good to go. The atmosphere was a hit and everyone was having a great time, including my cousins who travelled 2 hours just to see us and our friend Mayson and her family. Yay! (embedded video below)

After pizza (ok, I couldn't make it ALL Chinese food with my crew), it was time for cake. This was Helena's first cupcake, which she had no difficulties with. Sophie has never been much of a cake fan (or bread for that matter, it's a texture thing I believe) preferring ice cream instead. She did blow out her candles all by herself though!

video embedded

pinata time - video embedded

Afterwards the girls made a hasty exit for nap time, so they didn't get a chance to open their gifts until later. Thank you everyone for making their day so special and thanks to Kate for allowing us to have the party at your house!

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