Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sam I Am

Critics agree, 3.5 year old Alexander's interpretation of the classic Dr. Seuss book, "Green Eggs and Ham" is a hit, earning 4 stars and 2 thumbs up. "His use of vocal inflection and facial expressions have won over fans near and far leaving them wanting more," says Momologist JRS.

(yes dear friends, I realize I am a dorky proud parent.)


Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo!! Dorky parent or not, it's so cool to see another Dr. Seuss fan! Your son is a cutie and I love his reading and facial expressions....thanks for the smile!

Tom said...

The NY Times (New Youth Times, that is) say it's the "must hear reading of the summer!"

From another dorky parent. :)

JRS said...

whatever to us-
Thanks! Happy to make you smile!

You make me laugh. Thanks for the creative comment.