Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Posters

I have the post-Halloween blues. I'm in no hurry to take the rest of my decorations down and I've burned through Alexander's candy. 2 of the 3 of my mums are no longer with us. Helena has begun a late/all-night scream fest (we're going on a week now), though she is not sick nor are any teeth coming in that we can see or feel. My Google Reader won't stay under 150 unread posts. Ba Humbug!

So, as I'm stuck in a recliner for much of the day and night, unable to do my chores that require moving about or making any bit of noise, I've decided to play with photo editing. This is something that I can do in the dark with little disturbance to my tiny boss.

On Halloween night we had a Respite sitter come over at 11 pm and we were ready to head out by 11:43. I put on my Marilyn Monroe costume that I first wore in Madison 6 years ago (as in before having 3 children, The dress is a vintage silk blend gown that I got in Madtown. It has been a motivator for me to lose weight (and now that it's over, I need a new motivator!) It suffered water damage when our basement flooded recently and it fell off the hanger. Fortunately, I found a cleaner who was willing to give it a go. They did a pretty darn good job.

Mark wore his authentic Soviet military uniform and overcoat that he purchased in East Berlin in 1993. Except for his new combat boots, it's the real deal and he was a hit down town. Some people got it confused with a Nazi uniform. A couple of even spoke to him in German, which is funny, because he also speaks German as well. I heard him say in German a few times, no this is a Soviet uniform. He also got a few comments referencing the After the Fire song Der Kommissar('s in town, whoa oh, don't turn around, whoa-oh). Oh, and at least 2 Colonel Klink comments. A creative suggestion was that we were the fashion police. It was a good time, but we really missed living in Madison as they know how to do justice to this holiday.

So here goes. I will post the original photo or poster that inspired me (or that I blatantly stole from) and then my final versions. They turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself, even if I don't really know what I'm doing with the editing.

(ORIGINAL) Quintessential Marilyn

(MY VERSION) Inspired by the shot above and many others, really

Although Mark and I have been to Moscow (and the Kremlin-right there in fact) non of our pictures were quite what I wanted. I found this one on the internet.
(ORIGINAL) Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin, Moscow


Again, we've been here as well, but didn't have quite what I wanted. Random person with chef's hat found on the internet.
(ORIGINAL) St. Basil's in Red Square, Moscow


(ORIGINAL) Real LIFE magazine cover of Marilyn


(ORIGINAL) Propaganda poster, Stalin in Soviet uniform. Says, "Cadre Decides Everything." The message is something to the effect of 'it is all the people who are involved in making decisions,' not just Stalin, for the benefit of the good citizens of the USSR.

(MY VERSION) Mark in Soviet uniform and coat looking quite striking I must say.

VP Nixon giving a speech at the American National Exhibition in Moscow 1959 while Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev looks on.

(MY VERSION) Check out the crowd of bystanders, just for fun.

(ORIGINAL) another classic Marilyn poster (I couldn't find her signature in a large enough size to copy it exactly)
(my version)
Well, there you have it. Hope you got as much of a kick out of this as I did!

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible woman you are! Keep up the good stuff and good luck with the crying baby...I remember when my boy had colic for a short time, NOT FUN! Love you babe, wish we were closer so I could help!
the prairie