Monday, November 23, 2009

That Was Absurd, Let's Eat Dead Bird

I have a fondness for vintage photos of women used as modern art, particularly when used in a smart a$$ way. This is my business card holder (now neglected in a desk).

Erin Smith art decorates my sidebar on this blog. (2 pieces, "Everything's been fabulous since I realized my life is just like a Norman Rockwell's painting," introduces you to my blog and "I'm sorry I just please need you to shut up for one minute" is just before the archives)
However, my hands-down favorite artist is Anne Taintor. I picked up this bag in Madison.

These are some of her magnets.

However, the point of all this is not to show you some images that I love (that's a bonus). We are fast approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years. For many, this means travel and spending time with family. While there are many joys to be had, there is also a serious amount of stress and drama involved for a good percentage of us. It is in honor of the not-so-fun parts of the holidays that I bring you the following.
This is an Anne Taintor napkin.

This is the 2009 Anne Taintor calendar image for November.

and finally, here's a clip from a movie that I love and consider a must watch during this Thanksgiving holiday.
So, here's to you an yours as you travel or stay put, and as you experience the highs and lows that the holidays bring. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. LOVE it!!!! Your new family photo is awesome too.

Anonymous said...

I have some of these magnets and napkins...yeah us!
love, the prairie

ps...I'll bring the drama mean...notice clever play on words...hehehe

Beverly said...

those are great! Happy Thanksgivng!